Glencarlyn Library
The Glencarlyn Library The Library is located at 4th & Kensington Sts., South on land bequeathed to Glencarlyn by General Burdette. Glencarlyn is part of the Arlington County library system. Their web site provides on-line information and services, including book reservations.
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St. John's Church
St. John's Episcopal Church A chapel was first erected on the site of St. Johns in 1910, and a bell tower added in 1921. Work on the existing church began in April 1956, and dedication ceremonies were held in October 1957.

St. John's Episcopal Church
415 South Lexington Street
Arlington, VA 22204
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Kenmore Middle School
Address: 200 S. Carlin Springs Road, Arlington, VA 22204
Phone Number (703) 228-6800

Carlin Springs Elementary School

Formerly Glencarlyn Elementary before relocation
Address: 5995 South 5th Road, Arlington, VA 22204
Phone Number (703) 228-6645
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Long Branch Nature Center

(703) 228-6535
625 S. Carlin Spring Rd.
Arlington, VA 22204

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Glencarlyn Park

301 South Harrison Street
Arlington, VA

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