Glencarlyn Volunteer Opportunities

Updated May 8, 2016

Volunteers Needed

We have lots of activities planned for the upcoming year starting with Glencarlyn Day. We will need lots of volunteers to be able to conduct them. We would very much like to have you contact us if you can help.

Below is a list of the upcoming events.  The bullet below each is a separable task for which a person can volunteer to do.   Please consider signing up for several, whether the are associated with one or more events.

Email us at with your name, phone number and your activity event of interest.

To help in the outreach effort, we have compiled a list of individuals who have either helped in the past or indicated they may be willing to help with some Glencarlyn activities. We will be contacting them by email periodically listing the specific jobs for which we will need volunteers.

If you are willing to be included on that list, email us at or call Peter Olivere 703-626-2520.

Thank you.

Glencarlyn Day

Friday Night June 3, 2016


· Set-up 6-6:30 pm - get tables out for serving - set up beverages, plates, utensils etc. (2-3 persons)

· Clean-up - 7:30-8 pm - dispose of trash – clean tables (and floor if inside) (5 persons)


Block Party

· Help pick-up and set up stage (Friday afternoon)

· Set-up 6-6:30 pm tables for snacks—trash bags (2 persons)

· Sno-cone making and sales 1 person one each of 3 —1 hr shifts

· Clean up-10-10:30pm- put away tables and trash, clean up area (3 persons)

Saturday June 4, 2016

Pancake Breakfast (many sign up for two or more)

· Early Morning set-up - 6:15/6:30-8:00am — (10 persons)

· Kitchen staff — transport of griddles, mixing station etc, tables, supplies Pick-up trucks needed

· Wipe down benches, sweep floor, table cloths and other setup

· Work during breakfast - TWO 1+hr shifts, 7:50-9:00am and 9:00-10:10am

·    Cooks and batter mixers (3 persons each shift)

· Front Table staff - Pancake Breakfast payments, GCA Dues, Sales of Apparel  (4 persons each shift)

· Collect Neighborhood Survey and Directory update info (2 each shift)

· Clean-up  10:00-11:00/11:30am (8 persons)

· Strip tables and get rid of trash and repack supplies

· Clean up griddles and kitchen

· Transport equipment back Pick-up trucks needed


· Get decorating material for bikes etc.  and “prizes” for parade participates (1)

· 11:15-11:45am Organize the folks pre-parade , oversee the decoration and prizes  (4 persons)

Moon Bounce and Sno-cones

· 12:00-3:00pm  - TWO 1.5 hour shifts-4 persons each shift (no Fun Fair this year)


Home Tours

· Getting individuals to put their home on the tours — WE NEED HELP HERE

· Someone to print up the list of homes and directions for a Glencarlyn handout.

· Volunteers to stay at each of the homes  TWO 1 hr shifts, 2 persons per home each shift


Yard Sale Saturday in June 18,  2016

· Make some signs, put them out and take them down. (we have some free standing white signs boards on which poster board can be attached).

· Print up the list of locations of the sales and have copies at Carlin Hall and other locations

· Post the information on Craigslist (best if have had experience in that— content from last year is available)

· Purchase printed and on-line ad in the Washington Post (content from last year is available)

· Open Carlin Hall for people so they can get the tables.



End of Summer Picnic on Saturday, September  (date TBD) 

4 - 8 pm at Carlin Hall


 Need to volunteers to bring:

· Charcoal grill for cooking

· Cooking utensils for the grill

· Fire pit for roasting marshmallows etc

· Firewood

· 5 gallon beverage coolers with a tap for lemonade

· Outdoor Games  (badminton, horseshoes, bean bag toss, other games suitable for a variety of age groups. (lots of people can help with this)


Need volunteers to purchase plates, cups, utensils, ice cream treats (will be reimbursed)


Need workers on Saturday to

· Set-up -  2 - 3 people - 45 minutes

· Clean-up  5 people - 45 minutes


Contact Pete Olivere or 703-626-2520 to let him know how you can help.



Halloween Party --- October   --

Will need people to bring treats, decorations, to help decorate, etc. 

More on this in  early October.



Luminaria / Bonfire -- Saturday, December Date TBD

Volunteers needed to:

· Sell of luminaria material -  need 8 people (4 pairs - each with a 2 hour shift) -

· Purchase beverage and snacks

· Set-up prior to Bonfire Party  - 45 minutes

· Clean-up after Bonfire - 45 minutes

Equipment Needed:

· 2 - Fire Pits



Four Mile Run Stream Clean-up & Hot Dog Roast Saturday in March 2017 

Volunteers needed to purchase food (will be reimbursed)

Coordinate with Park Rangers for clean-up supplies and location.



Easter Egg Hunt Saturday April 

· A number of people are needed to help with the set-up early in the morning.

· Several will be needed for clean-up.