Text Box: Glencarlyn’s 
Winter Weather Web Page

Updated  January 21, 2016


The Glencarlyn Snow Brigade is ready for snow storms for this winter.

If you area able to help shovel out a neighbor or need assistance shoveling your own walk, please let us know.

Need Help Shoveling?  Willing to Help Shovel out a Neighbor?

We are trying to expand both our lists of volunteers shovelers and the list of those who need to be shoveled. Please contact the Snow Brigade Coordinator if you can help shovel or need help.

We know that many Glencarlynites just shovel their neighbors sidewalks on their own. We all thank them for those efforts and encourage others to do the same.

Where the immediate neighbors are unable to clear the snow, the snow brigade can be of assistance. Since some who need help are reluctant to ask, you can send us the name of a neighbor who could use help informally.

Glencarlyn Snow Brigade Coordinator

Brian Cavey—president_gca@glencarlyn.org or 703-820-0242


Glencarlyn no longer is getting a snow blower by the County to use to clear the primary sidewalks. 

Arlington County’s Winter Weather webpage

Link to Arlington’s Snow and Ice Emergency webpage which has:

· County's snow shoveling ordinance

· Ability to report snow concerns to the County such as streets not plowed, needs re-plowing or is icy.

· The page has lots of other information and closings including snow plowing priority routes. 

This is a link to the info on the snow plow priority routes in Glencarlyn taken from the County’s map.