1st Annual Neighborhood Winter Light Celebration

This year we are trying something new. The goal is to create a festive atmosphere and spirit of friendly competition, and most importantly, encourage families to get out and walk the neighborhood together while appreciating the houses. So whether you decorate your house or admire those that do, show off your holiday spirit by participating in this fun event.
No need to enter your house. Families will walk the neighborhood and list their favorite house for each category. The houses selected in each of the categories will have their photo in the February Village View and receive a free pancake breakfast at Glencarlyn Day in June.
The first gathering of families to walk the neighborhood is set for 5:00pm, Dec 9th, an hour before the Luminaria Holiday party.  Another gathering will be Sat. Dec.16th at 6:30pm.  Meet at the library for both.  We will walk the neighborhood together from there.
Nominate the homes of your choice using the ballot in the Village View. Additional ballots will be available at Luminaria sales.
Drop off your ballot at the Luminaria Holiday Party on Dec 9th, or any time at Julie Lee’s house, 5527 3rd St S.  You may also email your choices to Kelly Krug at: kellkrug@gmail.com.  Last day to submit your ballot is Dec 17th.
The chosen houses will be announced on Dec 18th.
Anything Goes (No Specific Theme, But WOW)
Inside-Out (Indoor Displays That Are Visible From The Street)
Martha Stewart Would Be Proud (Best DIY Display)
Charlie Browniest (Decorations on a Dog House,Tool Shed….Anything But Your House)
Clark Griswold (Best Light Display)
For more information, contact Kelly Krug: kellkrug@gmail.com